Host Events and Groups

Grow your influence in your city by making plans and inviting people to join you at local restaurants and experiences.

Benefits of PPLEAPP

  Plans made for you

PPLEAPP takes the stress out of making plans by giving you a variety of events and activities to Host.

  Group Deals and Discounts

Most Plans on PPLEAPP are made for groups. The larger the group the better the deal and discounts.

 Potential to Earn Money

As a Host, you can get paid to host plans on PPLEAPP. Partners and sponsors pay consistently too.


 Celebrate with friends

PPLEAPP is a great app to find plans to celebrate birthdays, graduations and special occasions. You can easily make plans and invite/friends on and off the app.

 Grow your fanbase

PPLEAPP gives you the opportunity to meet new people that can become a fan of you craft. It is especially great for upcoming DJs, Artists, entrepreneurs and influencers.


what our users say about us?

Great for Artists

This app has given me a unique way to get more performances and listeners. Check it out and come find me perform @benv

 Benv via AppStore
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