Bringing people together to celebrate birthdays graduations achievements our people

Use PPLEAPP to quickly find and book plans for special occasions you want to celebrate.

Stressless planning

Avoid the stress of planning from scratch and book one of our plans.

Save time and Money

Find affordable plans with ease and book them in seconds.

Lots of options

Choose a plan from one of our many options to celebrate.

Last minute celebrations

Book and confirm fully planned celebrations on the same day.

Focus on celebrating

PPLEAPP is used to celebrate special occasions like birthdays, graduations, holidays and more. We partner with the best restaurants, event organizers and entertainers to create packaged plans that can be booked to celebrate a special occasions. 

Celebrants Testimonials

“Very clutch app, booked a dinner party on the same day to celebrate my graduation with friends.”
“Celebrated my birthday with one of their plans. I liked the fact that I could split the payment with my friends”
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