About Us

Our mission is to give individuals the power to initiate new connections, strengthen relationships and build deeper trust amongst their peers.

What we do

We help you plan events and activities.

We create events and activities that are specifically tailored to the needs of our customers. These events and activities are made ready and available to the customers at all times through our platform, thereby, we eliminate the hassle of planning and organizing a memorable experience in timely fashion. Events and activities available on PPLE App include birthday celebrations, workouts, sporting activities, small gatherings in general. It’s so fast and simple that you can plan your whole birthday dinner via PPLE App within 1 minutes.

Our Team

Ekene C. Abana

Founder and CEO

Emezie Aniagba

Host and Sales

Kanya Monh

Marketing Manager

Chibueze Okoye

Senior IT Engineer

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