What a college student wants for a graduation party


The time has finally come for college graduation! Whether you are the one graduating, planning a graduation party for a loved one, or just celebrating, a graduation party is a moment that you will remember for years to come. Give the gift of memories to your graduate for them to cherish for a lifetime with a party unlike any other!

Planning a college graduation party is no easy task, which is why we are here to assist and help you plan a party that will celebrate your new graduate and their four years (or more) of hard work! 

Here are a few party elements that graduates are looking for to celebrate their accomplishments!


1. Simple decorations

Though some might say differently, college graduates now consider themselves adults. The decor and color scheme of the party should be kept relatively simple. A simple setup with a few pops of school color will do the trick for decor. A photo backdrop for pictures to create memories is a must for a college graduation party. The graduate can take pictures with friends and family as a keepsake to commemorate the special day. The backdrop can be as simple as frames to hold up. This party is for memories, so keep it simple because staying in the present moment is what’s most important. 


2. An outdoor party is best

Most graduations take place between the months of May to June, so outdoor events are an ideal way to celebrate. Go for a simple tent that can be spruced up with decorations. With a solid choice of decor, that becomes the focal point rather than the tent. An outdoor graduation party is also ideal because it makes mingling much easier (and the graduate will have a lot of mingling to do!). Under the tent, put out some tables and chairs, even floor pillows for groups to gather. This setup gives it a feel of a small gathering, which is what the graduates are looking for. With outdoor event space, it provides a larger canvas to work with while planning, as well as less cleanup, which is always a plus!


3. Interesting food is the way to go

Food and drinks are a must when it comes to any event! When thinking of items to serve, think of simple yet effective foods and beverages. Such as, if you are planning an outdoor graduation party, a food truck could be a great addition to the party! Food trucks allow guests to grab and go with their items. Not to mention, it is something unique that will be remembered by all for years! For beverages, think of beverage carts or trailers! These can provide special or even personalized beverages, which will taste delicious and be perfect for photo opportunities. 

4. An element of fun

Yes, you are throwing a party to recognize the achievements of your newly graduated adult, but this may be the last time to party like a true college student – send them off with a big splash. Hire or rent an element of fun to get guests mingling and having lots of fun. Ice luge, water slide, dunk tank, caricature artist, or something else equally as unique and fun.


5. Friends

It may be tempting to keep the party intimate and celebrate as a family, and as much as the graduate appreciates all of the support, the friends they have made while living, studying, and growing up over the course of four years have become their family too. They spend so much of their lives intertwined while in school, it would be devastating for any graduate not to have their closest friends invited to help celebrate an end of an era together, and cheers to looking forward. 

Now that you are up to date with what college graduates are looking for to celebrate their accomplishments, it is time to find and secure that outdoor venue or those food trucks. With the help of EventUp, the leading global venue directory with more than 15,000 restaurants, hotels, and unique venues, you will find the perfect venue for any college graduation party celebration!.

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