About us

Creating Great Event Experiences -

We create events and activities that are specifically tailored to the needs of our customers. These events and activities are made ready and available to the customers at all times through our platform, thereby, we eliminate the hassle of planning and organizing a memorable experience in timely fashion.

Find events, birthdays, parties, dance classes and more created by friends or organisers and join them. Best way to get on event guest lists to all sorts of experiences.

Create experiences from small gatherings to large scale events where you can sell tickets and more. Alternatively, you can host experiences created by users of the app.

All events comes with a group chat for you and your friends to plan discuss in details.

  You can easily spilt payment for an   event/pple amongst your friends attending. 


unleash extraordinary experiences

Welcome to a world where event transcends the ordinary and becomes the extraordinary moments etched in your memory.

Elevate your occasions

Embark on a journey of extraordinary events that leaves a lasting impression.


What they say

attending pple events has truly been a game-changer for me. the seamless organization, diverse topics, and incredible networking opportunities have consistently exceeded my expectations.



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